Monday, July 20, 2009

Street Sign for Grandview Ave

I wish I had made photographs of the street signs when I was a kid for I don't think I recall how they appeared. I know it was not like this sign, with a blue background so that you can easily see the letters of the sign. This has large, all capital letters and it is clearly an avenue. I had a Kodak Baby Brownie 127 then which took rolls of film and I did not always have a roll. I usually used all of the film I had, rushed downtown to send my film off in the hope of Kodak returning photographs, and when I could afford it, I bought another roll of film. It never occurred to me to take as many photographs of the town of Pawhuska as I saw it around me. I assumed without knowing that I assumed and my assumption was that Pawhuska would always be the same. I erred.

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